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The 2012 season was one of immense success for Sport Club Corinthians Paulista. Here's an overview of their performance during that remarkable year:

  1. Campeonato Paulista (São Paulo State Championship): Corinthians had a strong showing in the Campeonato Paulista. Managed by Tite, they finished the league phase in the first position and went on to win the championship title after defeating Santos in the final.

  2. Copa Libertadores: The highlight of Corinthians' 2012 season was their historic triumph in the Copa Libertadores, South America's most prestigious club competition. They navigated through the group stage and knockout rounds, showcasing resilience and quality in both home and away matches. In the final, they faced Argentine side Boca Juniors and emerged victorious after a 3-1 aggregate win, securing their first-ever Copa Libertadores title.

  3. FIFA Club World Cup: As winners of the Copa Libertadores, Corinthians qualified for the FIFA Club World Cup held in Japan. They continued their dominance on the international stage by defeating African champions Al-Ahly in the semi-finals and European champions Chelsea in the final, clinching the FIFA Club World Cup title for the second time in their history.

  4. Campeonato Brasileiro Série A (Brazilian League): In the Brazilian league, Corinthians had a solid campaign. Despite focusing heavily on their Copa Libertadores and FIFA Club World Cup campaigns, they managed to finish in 6th place in the league standings, securing qualification for the Copa Sudamericana.

  5. Key Players: Corinthians' success in 2012 was fueled by several key players, including Paolo Guerrero, Emerson Sheik, Paulinho, and Cassio. These players delivered standout performances throughout the season, contributing crucial goals, assists, and defensive solidity in both domestic and international competitions.

  6. Managerial Influence: Tite's tactical acumen and leadership were instrumental in Corinthians' success in 2012. His ability to organize the team defensively while maintaining an effective attacking style played a significant role in their achievements across multiple competitions.

Overall, the 2012 season was a historic and unforgettable one for Corinthians, marked by triumphs in the Copa Libertadores and FIFA Club World Cup. Their success solidified their status as one of Brazil's most prestigious clubs and left an indelible mark in the annals of football history.

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