Argentina 06(Away)
Argentina 06(Away)

Argentina 06(Away)

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During the 2006 period, the Argentina national football team, known as the Albiceleste, participated in various international competitions and friendly matches, showcasing their talent and competitive spirit. Here's an overview of their performance during that time, particularly focusing on their away matches:

FIFA World Cup 2006:

  • Argentina entered the FIFA World Cup 2006 held in Germany as one of the tournament favorites, boasting a talented squad under the guidance of coach José Pekerman. The team featured stars like Juan Román Riquelme, Javier Mascherano, and Hernán Crespo.

  • In the group stage, Argentina performed admirably, winning all three of their matches against Ivory Coast, Serbia and Montenegro, and the Netherlands. These victories showcased their attacking prowess and defensive solidity, setting the stage for a promising campaign.

  • In the Round of 16, Argentina faced Mexico in a tightly contested match. Despite a valiant effort from Mexico, Argentina emerged victorious with a 2-1 win in extra time, courtesy of a goal from Maxi Rodríguez.

  • However, Argentina's journey in the tournament came to an end in the quarterfinals, where they faced Germany in a dramatic encounter. The match ended 1-1 after extra time, with Germany prevailing 4-2 on penalties, marking the end of Argentina's quest for World Cup glory.

Copa América 2007:

  • In addition to their World Cup campaign, Argentina also participated in the Copa América 2007 held in Venezuela. The tournament saw Argentina reach the final, where they faced Brazil. However, they were defeated 3-0 by their South American rivals, finishing as runners-up.

Friendly Matches:

  • Argentina also engaged in several friendly matches during the 2006 period, using these games as opportunities to fine-tune their tactics, test new players, and build cohesion ahead of competitive fixtures.


  • While Argentina may not have achieved their desired results in the FIFA World Cup 2006 and Copa América 2007, their performances demonstrated the team's talent and potential on the international stage. The experience gained from competing in these tournaments would lay the groundwork for future successes and further cement Argentina's reputation as a footballing powerhouse.

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